My friend Cheryl needs prayer for housing and finances. Read her letter:

Please, Please Please send us prayers and good wishes to find a place to live and the resources to make that move happen. We have to move out of our 5 bedroom home that we have lived in for 11 years (the kids grew up here). We are being forced out of our precious home (due to the size of the home, April moved out, and rent went up $300 up to $1750). We have ZERO income, I just had surgery in the middle of October and was out of commission for 3 weeks (and prior due to severe health issues). We need a place for Kyle, Allison, Lauren, and myself. We really want to stay in the area so the kids can stay at the same schools. :( hopefully???

Our landlord said if we are not out by the 30th of November he will call the sheriff to escort us out. We have no where to go! We have looked and looked…. the rentals are just saturated (We thought we had found a spot, it fell through, she rented it to someone else because we didn’t have the security deposit yet). We may be forced into a shelter. :(

We have quite a collection of things over the past 11 years! We don’t have money for storage shed, security deposit, truck, etc??? We are certainly in a bad spot PLEASE send your prayers or consider blessing us to pay for a security deposit and a truck (anything will help). There is no way we can fit all this stuff in my car. Most importantly though… send prayers for us to find a place! We love y’all and so appreciate your prayers!

I am so sorry to air our dirty laundry but I know y’all are friends. I trust you and know you will be understanding and will wish the best for the kids and I despite all the struggles we have been through.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.